Can You Repair Skin Damage from the Sun?

Can You Repair Skin Damage from the Sun?

People all over the world love to spend time in the sun. When those glorious rays hit your face, you get a bolt of pure vitamin D energy that can only come from the sun. Although, if you aren’t properly protecting yourself from those UVA/UVB rays, the skin can sustain some serious damage. This is called photoaging or skin damage from the sun. It’s a process that happens when specific UV, or ultraviolet (UV) rays, hit bare skin and change the structure deep within your cells.

The problem of sun damage is something that everyone has to watch out for, since it can cause a slew of problems, like premature aging and even melanoma, which is skin cancer. Taking care of your skin the right way calls for using the correct amounts of sunscreen to start, but if you are wondering, can you repair skin damage from sun exposure, then there is some good news.

Let’s look at some details on how to prevent skin damage after sunburn, and can you reverse skin damage from the sun with the best skincare products from Revinia®? Yes, don’t worry, you definitely can improve your skin on so many levels.

Types of Skin Damage from the Sun


Sunburn according to the Skin Cancer Foundation is “an inflammatory reaction to UV radiation damage to the skin’s outermost layers.” When you have a sunburn, the skin feels hot, sensitive, and can appear bright red. Touching sunburnt skin can feel painful and uncomfortable. It’s a sign of cellular damage in the skin, but will usually fade after a few days. When skin peels after a sunburn, this is a sign that the skin is trying to shed away damaged skin cells.


Melasma is a patchy skin discoloration that usually appears light brown in color. The cause of melasma can be due to hormonal changes in the body, especially during pregnancy for some people, or exposure to the damaging rays of the sun.

Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation)

Dark spots can be called a number of things, like age spots or sun spots. No matter what you call those dark marks, it’s a form of hyperpigmentation. The sun has increased the production of melanin in your skin producing the brown pigment that looks like spots on the face or body.


People can inherit freckles as a genetic trait, but they can become more prominent and numerous when sun exposure is a factor. People with fair skin are more likely to have freckles, with more of them showing up due to an increase in the melanin in your skin, just like dark spots or hyperpigmentation, after unprotected sun exposure.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The sun is the number one factor when it comes to premature aging in the skin. That result from unprotected exposure is fine lines and wrinkles becoming more present as aging occurs. The sun breaks down the skin’s production of beneficial elastin and collagen, which then leads to a decrease in the skin’s protective barrier. Thus, fine lines and wrinkles start to become a problem sooner than you might think.

Cancer (Melanoma)

Different forms of skin cancer are caused by the sun. It starts with basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer, but can progress to the more severe form that’s called melanoma. When you have repeated episodes of sunburn, later on in life, you could develop skin cancer.

Repairing Skin Damage from the Sun

When looking at how to fix discolored skin from sunburn, you have to look at the specific type of damage. Not all skin damage can be corrected. The bad news is that if you have developed cancerous cells in the form of melanoma, only a doctor can treat that cancer and make sure that it doesn’t spread to other parts of your body. Cancer is the most extensive type of skin damage, and the most severe form, that needs to be carefully treated by professionals.

Other types of skin damage, like sunburn, hyperpigmentation, freckles, and fine lines can be treated and repaired with the right skincare regimen from Revinia®. Many of our products are geared towards fixing the question that many people ask, how to fix skin discoloration from the sun and how to treat skin discoloration from sunburn.

Sunburn is a temporary condition after too much unprotected sun exposure. It will fade after a few days and some cooling aloe vera treatment gel. Even when the sunburn fades away, your skin is still left with damage you may not be able to see right away.

With repeated exposure, you’ll notice over time that more fine lines, hyperpigmentation or dark spots, freckles, and discoloration will appear more noticeable. That’s when it’s time to step up your skincare regimen to help reverse the signs of skin damage or aging from the sun.

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Hydrate Skin

After a bad sunburn, it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated to help your body heal and repair the skin’s damage. By drinking extra water, it’s going to help prevent dehydration. You can also use a hydrating moisturizer to help keep the top layer of your skin hydrated.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your number one prevention method of skin damage due to the sun. Wear an SPF of at least 30 daily, all over your body, and reapply often. It’s helpful if you find a moisturizer that you like with the right amount of SPF protection to use every day.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that’s concentrated. It can help to reduce hyperpigmentation, even out the skin tone, and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Keep in mind some people have trouble tolerating retinol, but ac-11® is a great natural and plant-based alternative to retinol that enhances cell health and improves common types of skin damage that we use in many of our products at Revinia®.

Dark Spot Corrector Creams

You can lighten up hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and other skin damage by using dark spot corrector creams. These are usually made from ingredients like vitamin C, hydroquinone, or niacin.

Revinia®’s Products Can Help

There are some amazingly effective skincare products from Revinia® that can repair skin damage from sun exposure.

Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment

Revinia Eye Repair Treatment


The eyes are one of the first places to show age, mainly in the form of lines, sometimes referred to as crow’s feet. Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment uses hyaluronic acid and ac-11® to repair cellular damage caused by the sun.

Revinia® Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Revinia Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Revinia® Anti-Wrinkle Serum restores collagen to give skin a better chance at repairing itself and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. It also blends away discoloration, like hyperpigmentation and other dark spots, to give the skin a more even appearance in tone and texture.

Revinia® Night Repair Cream

Revinia Night Repair Cream

Since skin does its most powerful rejuvenation at night, it’s important to correct sun damage by using Revinia® Night Repair Cream. By blending away discoloration, it’s going to leave your skin over time, looking more flawless and smooth. By fighting environmental aggressors, this cream will reverse sun damage.

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