How Revinia® Products Are Proven to Reduce Pore Size

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Revinia® products can minimize pores to create healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

Enlarged pores can ruin the clean and smooth appearance of your skin. Pores are normally quite tiny and barely noticeable; small pores make the skin look soft and smooth, while large pores make the skin look bumpy and unhealthy. Large pores are also vulnerable to acne and other skin conditions.

A variety of factors can cause enlarged pores, and certain skincare products can decrease the size of pores. The highest quality products contain natural ingredients that are gentle on skin, but still effectively shrink pores. Continue reading to learn how Revinia®'s products are proven to reduce pore size naturally.

About Pores

Pores are indentations in the surface of your facial skin which lead to the ducts that carry sweat and oil from glands deep within the skin. Sweat glands produce sweat that helps keep your body cool and sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is an oily substance that helps protect and lubricate your skin.

When your skin has the right amount of sebum, it appears healthy; when the skin produces too much sebum – or when the pores become enlarged and clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells – your skin can break out in acne. Combined with other skin issues, such as loss of the collagen that provides elasticity and support for your skin, enlarged pores can make skin look tired, lackluster, and unhealthy.

Causes of Large Pores

Large Pores

A number of factors can contribute to the development of large pores. These factors include:

  • High levels of sebum production
  • Reduced elasticity
  • Thick hair follicles
  • Genetics/heredity
  • Reduction of collagen production
  • Aging
  • Sun damage
  • Makeup

Left unaddressed, these factors can affect your pores and increase your chances of developing acne and dull, dry, unhealthy-looking skin. Thorough treatment of the skin with the right pore-reducing products can help address the factors that contribute to enlarged pores and the problems they cause.

How to Reduce Pores Naturally

Reducing Pore Size Infographic

The best way to reduce pores naturally is to keep your skin clean and healthy. Washing your face twice a day can remove the grit and grime that make enlarged pores more visible, and reduces your risk for acne breakouts. Using skincare products that reduce pore size with natural ingredients can help too.

Natural Products to Reduce Pore Size

Choosing the right product is essential to reducing pore size. Many pore-reducing products are ineffective at reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. Other products contain harsh, synthetic chemicals that dry out skin to cause rough patches and sensitive areas. Products containing natural ingredients work with your body to help shrink your pores without irritating your skin.

Ingredients that Help Reduce Pore Size

Specially-formulated ingredients can help reduce pore size without causing dryness or sensitivity. Some of these ingredients include:

Lactic acid complex

Lactic acid complex is the gentlest alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which is a group of acids naturally derived from fruit and plant sugars. Lactic acid complex and other AHAs dissolve dead skin cells to purify pores and shrink their appearance.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is another AHA. Like lactic acid, glycolic acid gets rid of dead skin cells to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores.


Derived from organic corn seeds, ribose enhances the body’s production of collagen to tighten skin and improve elasticity, which provides the pores with the support they need to maintain a healthy size and shape.


Made from vitamin A, retinol benefits the healthy appearance of skin in a number of ways. Retinol boosts collagen production, for example, and increases the turnover rate of skin cells. Retinol also reduces the stickiness of cells that clog pores.


Skin tighteners reduce the appearance of tired, sagging skin; they can also shrink pores and stimulate the production of collagen.


Peptides work like detergents, providing a deep cleaning action to skin and pores. Peptides also trigger the production of collagen in the skin to reduce the visible appearance of pores.

Wrinkle fillers

Wrinkle fillers, such as AHA, plump up skin in ways that reduce pore size. They also help reduce sagging and wrinkles to restore the youthful appearance of skin.


Extracted from the Uncaria tomentosa plant, ac-11® enhances the body’s ability to repair damaged skin cells.

Revinia®’s Products Can Reduce Pore Size

Revinia® offers a wide variety of skincare products that gently and effectively improve the cosmetic appeal of skin. Three Revinia® products contain natural ingredients that offer special benefits when it comes to reducing pore size.

Eye Repair Treatment

Revinia®’s Eye Repair Treatment lightens darkness around the eyes, reduces puffiness and eliminates crow’s feet, but the ingredients in this complete treatment also reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The ingredients promote a healthy cellular profile to decrease premature aging resulting from damage caused by the sun, stress, and pollution. The components also visibly improve the appearance of the firm skin to reduce enlarged pores.

Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Anti-Wrinkle Serum hydrates the skin and restores collagen levels to create a fuller, tighter look; these products also blend skin discoloration to make enlarged pores and age spots less noticeable. Many consumers notice results immediately, but enjoy the full benefits after 90 days of continued use.

Night Repair Cream

Night Repair Cream works overnight to reduce the visible appearance of pores. Just one pump of Night Repair Cream before bedtime shrinks pores, promotes a healthy cellular profile, and enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Revinia Product

All three Revinia® products contain peptides and wrinkle fillers, which are natural ingredients that smooth wrinkles and decrease pore size. Research supports the use of Revinia products and their ingredients when it comes to shrinking pores. One such case study shows that topical use of ac-11® protects skin from erythema, which is a type of skin inflammation; the case study also demonstrates ac-11®’s ability to reduce pore size.

The Final Word on Reducing Pore Size

While enlarged pores are not a medical problem, they are a serious cosmetic issue to those who want a fresh, youthful appearance. Enlarged pores can cause premature signs of aging, such as dull, dry skin; they can also lead to uncomfortable and unsightly acne breakouts. Revinia® offers a number of products made with natural ingredients that are proven to shrink enlarged pores.

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