Revinia’®s Product Case Study

Revinia’®s Product Case Study

Clinical Studies Show Revinia® Works

  • 63% Reduction in Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Decrease in Pore Size
  • 63% Improvement in Skin Texture
  • Lightening of Age Spots

Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age, With Revinia®

There are literally thousands of different cosmetic products on the market today. Many products offer unique combinations, or formulations, of ingredients. Each ingredient in a formulation works at the surface of the skin and deeper within skin tissue to cause meaningful changes. Because they occur at a cellular level and under the surface of the skin, these beneficial changes may be hard to see just by looking in the mirror, especially in the first few days or weeks using a product. These changes in the skin are also good indications that a formulation works as intended when used correctly.

Manufacturers of high-quality skincare formulations use extensive testing to evaluate the beneficial changes their products cause. Seeing these changes occur at the surface and beneath the surface of the skin is not always easy, though, and often requires the use of sophisticated imaging and testing technologies. When creating the safest, most effective skin care products available today, Revinia® performs extensive testing of their formulations to evaluate the beneficial effects these products have for reducing the visible signs of aging.

In fact, Revinia® recently evaluated three of their most popular formulations:

Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment – this formulation contains hyaluronic acid, ac-11®, natural biopolymers and peptides to reduce puffiness, lighten darkened areas under the eyes, eliminate crow’s feet, and tighten the skin beneath the eyes

Revinia® Anti-Wrinkle Serum – contains a balanced formulation of ac-11®, hyaluronic acid, peptides and Polyoprepolymer 15 to promote a cellular response to premature aging and enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal. It also hydrates the skin and restores collagen, which is a protein that provides structure and elasticity to the skin, and blend skin discoloration to reduce the appearance of age spots

Revinia® Night Repair Cream – this special formulation of ac-11®, hyaluronic acid and peptides is specifically designed to hydrate the skin, reduce pore size, blend skin discoloration, and increase collagen to tighten skin fibers to help eliminate crow’s feet and wrinkles; helps the skin repair itself due to exposure to the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental stressors

Revinia® Skincare Case Study Process

Revinia® wanted to gather data and gain insight into the safety and effectiveness of three proprietary cosmetic formulations when addressing cosmetic issues that develop as the result of the natural aging process. Specifically, they wanted to determine how effective these three formulations improve the quality of facial skin, reduce wrinkles, and decrease the appearance of age spots. To do this anti-aging study, Revinia® enlisted the help of a highly-qualified, third-party research team, the New Jersey Clinical Research Center.

The reason Revinia® and the researchers opted for such advanced imaging technology is that the visible signs of aging often occur out of view, in tissue just beneath the surface of the skin. For example, dark spots visible at the surface of skin may actually develop when cells deeper within the skin change. Wrinkles, lines, and other age-related aesthetic issues can also cause tissue changes at the surface of the skin and beneath the outermost layer of skin. Photographing, measuring and assessing these cellular and tissue changes help researchers and product manufacturers at Revinia® determine if their products are working, and are safe for skin.

The researchers enrolled 10 male and female participants between the age of 35 and 60 years old into the study. Each of the participants followed the same daily regimen of applying the three products for 90 days between the dates of January and June 2021. This ensured consistent use of the three formulations.

The team of researchers used the most advanced, FDA approved, diagnostics to detect and evaluate the skin changes in the study participants. They captured high-resolution before-and-after photographs of the participants’ skin to detect visible improvements in skin quality and signs of aging, for example. The research team also used optical coherence tomography (OCT), which is a non-invasive way to look into the superficial layers of a person’s skin in real time – without harming the person’s skin in any way.

The participants adhered to the following regimen:

Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment: Apply a small amount of the cream –about the amount gained from a single pump – around the eyelids and under the eye in a gentle but upward motion; participants did this twice each day, once in the morning before applying makeup and again in the evening, just prior to bedtime.

Revinia® Anti-Wrinkle Serum: Apply a sufficient amount of the serum – about the size obtained from one or two pumps – each morning prior to applying makeup.

Revinia® Night Repair Cream: Apply a sufficient amount – about the size obtained from one or two pumps – each evening before going to bed.

The researchers used sophisticated image capturing technology to monitor the effects of the regimen. The technology included:

  • VivoSight Image capture that can capture images of changing skin to depths of more than 1 mm.
  • Visia Image capture that document the progress of spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, and brown spots over time.
  • Phase One image capture that provides detailed images.

All three imaging technologies showed impressive results. The VivoSight showed decreased roughness, for example, while Visia showed a notable reduction in wrinkles. The researchers noted overall visual improvement of the signs of aging when using the Phase One 150MP Camera at its highest resolution.

Revinia Case Study Imaging

Specifically, the imaging and evaluation techniques showed that using these three Revinia® formulations as directed causes resulted in an impressive 63% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, and another 63% improvement in skin texture. The research and imaging techniques also revealed a marked decrease in pore size and lightening of age spots among the participants.

Using advanced technology, Revinia®’s product case study results prove their formulations provide measurable and meaningful changes at and below the surface of the skin to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lines, dark spots, and more.

Before and After Photos

Before and After Wrinkles
Dark Circles and Wrinkles Before and After

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