Secrets to Improving Your Skin's Elasticity, Suppleness & Glow

Youthful skin is soft, plump, and glowing. As we get older, though, our skin loses its elasticity and radiance. Skin begins to sag, lose its luster, and starts to show signs of aging.Glowing, supple skin does not just happen all by itself, though – it requires a dedicated skincare routine...

What Are Lifting Agents in Skin Care?

If you have aging skin, then you know that the signs of wrinkles can be frustrating. Find out what lifting agents are and how they help reverse the signs of aging in Revinia skincare products.

Benefits of ac-11® For Your Skin

ac-11® can be found in all Revinia products. Learn about the benefits of this clinically-proven skincare ingredient.

The Science Behind Skin Discoloration With Age

No matter your race or skin type, skin discoloration occurs as you age. Explore the science behind pigmentation changes and how Revinia products can offer solutions for dark spots.