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Remove those lines at the edges of your eyes with crow’s feet treatment Revinia® Anti Aging Skincare. These lines are often the first signs of premature aging. Revinia®’s high quality products for crow’s feet include Eye Repair Treatment, which helps erase fine lines around the eyes, lightens dark areas, and tightens skin under the eyes. Effects may be seen within 30 minutes of the first application, but optimal effects may be achieved when used over a 90-day period. Crow’s feet develop as the result of lost elasticity of the skin combined with early wrinkles caused by squinting and smiling. Skin elasticity decreases over time, so normal facial expressions causes heavier wrinkling around the eyes. Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment contains ac-11® to repair cellular damage from sun exposure, lifting agents that help erase crow’s feet after 30 days of use, and hyaluronic acid (HA) that fortifies and tightens skin to iron out wrinkles and crow’s feet. Shop our Revinia® treatments and solutions to help reduce and treat the appearance of crow’s feet. Reverse the signs of aging and restore a fresh, youthful appearance with Revinia® Eye Repair Treatment and the rest of our anti-aging skincare line.